Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  What is "Payroll for North America" software? 
"Payroll for North America" is the name of the payroll product that supports U.S. and Canadian payroll under the Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM.

2.  Can we use credit cards for payment? 
Yes! In fact, this is our preferred means of payment. We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

3.  Which tax forms are Payroll for North America compatible? 
Please refer to the tax form chart.

4.  What quantities are the tax forms packaged in?
The forms generally come in packs of 50 sheets or cases of 2,000 sheets. Please refer to the included chart.

5.  What is the cost for the tax forms?
It varies based upon the following factors: quantity, specific form or envelope, and your program discount.

6.  How long will it take to receive my order? 
All standard orders will ship within 48 hours from our various distribution facilities. Imprint orders will take longer to process. Please let us know if you need special shipping arrangements for next day delivery.

7.  Do you have matching envelopes?
Yes, please refer to the tax form chart.

8.  Do you have laser W-2C forms? 
Yes, please refer to the tax form chart.

9.  Do you have tax forms for Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa or the Virgin Islands?
Yes, please refer to the tax form chart.

10. Do you have samples or a catalog?
Yes! Please refer to our website  for PDF's of forms . For live samples, call Steve Young 510.508.0638 or email

11. Can we process blank tax forms on Payroll for North America software? 
In R9, R9.1, and R9.2, we use XMLP functionality to print the PDF Form W-2 on blank paper. The W-2 instructions are preprinted on the back of the form. We support two forms: a W-2 laser, 4 down and W-2 laser, 4 down pressure seal self-mailer. This functionality is not available in prior releases. For releases prior to 9, you will continue to use the preprinted forms. Note: In Release 9, 9.1, and 9.2, you still have the option of using the preprinted forms without the XMLP functionality.

12. What information do you need from me to place an order? 
Oracle/PeopleSoft customer number (1485) contract number (PS1623) in order to receive the program discount, credit card information, shipping and billing information, P.O.#, credit information (only if your order is over $1000), tax exemption certificate (if applicable), and any special instructions.

13. What are the special ordering instructions for W-2 pressure seal vertical self-mailer? 
(Item #s PSLW287PS & PSLW287PSBF) 
This 4 vertical pressure seal self-mailer is 100% in compliance with IRS specifications. This form requires imprinting of return address prior to delivery. Imprint Information Required. Please include with your order: Company Name, Address, City, State and Zip Code typed and exactly how you want it to appear in the return address field of the tax form. We cannot accept this information by phone. Hard copy must be provided. Please fax orders for this item to 925.217.4705 or email to  Form Failure to provide this information will cause your order to be placed on hold until the information is received.

Download Fax Ordering

14. Will the W-2 pressure seal forms PSLW287PS & PSLW287PSBF work on all pressure seal equipment? 
This form will work on most equipment. We recommend that samples are ordered and tested on your equipment prior to year end tax runs. Samples are available for testing at no cost. The Formax 2030 will not work with this form.

KAY Enterprises can now provide pressure seal equipment in various models depending on production volumes (see enclosed brochure for low volume model). Brochures for other models can be provided upon request, contact Steve Young at 510.508.0638 for further details.

15. What if the information I am printing is not aligning with the tax form? 
If you are having trouble aligning your KAY forms, check the printer parameters and margin settings. Making small adjustments in your printer setup will ensure form compatibility. All tax forms are tested and confirmed to be compatible by the software producer.


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